FREE PATTERN: Clover Tweed Dishcloth

I like my dishcloths to be on the modern side of classic. I chose to use black and natural here but the color possibilities are endless! The stitch pattern is easy to remember and even simpler to knit. No purling necessary!

My gauge is 5 sts per 1 inch with size 7 needles and my resulting cloth is exactly 8" x 12". Your mileage may vary!

Begin by casting on 39 stitches. With Color A, knit for 2 rows. (I started off using the natural as my first color.) Now, onto the stitch pattern:

**Always slip stitches as if to purl, with the yarn in back.

Garter Stitch Clovers (multiple of 4 sts + 3)

Row 1 (Color B) K 3, *Sl 1, K 3* until end.

Row 2 Knit across.

Row 3 (Color A) K 1, *Sl 1, K 3* until last 2 stitches, then Sl 1, K1.

Row 4 Knit across.

Just repeat these 4 rows until it's almost as long as you want it to be, ending with Color A. In my case, it was around 11.5 inches from the needles. Finish the cloth by knitting 3 rows with Color B and then bind off as usual.

EDIT:: Just to clarify things a bit here- The pattern as written will give you a different colored stripe at each end. I wanted a little bit of funk and asymmetry in the original dishcloth but this may not be to your taste. If this is the case, just knit your final pattern rep with color B (or, end with row 2 of the stitch pattern) and then knit the final border rows with color A. This will give you a more traditionally lovely cloth. :)

(I should stick to natural light for my pictures, heh.)

Voila! You now have an awesomely stylish new addition to your kitchen! I'm sure your dishes will enjoy it quite muchly. :D


Nanner said...

Beautiful design. Thank you for sharing. Your work is so exact. I can't wait to try one.

Cheryl Rupprecht said...

awesome cloth-did you use the same pattern for the red one underneath?
can't wait to try this!
Cheryl R(SC)

WingedStrategos said...

I just cast on for one a few hours ago and I'm loving the pattern and the look.

Thanks putting this on the net.

Leah said...

How do you wash these and keep them sanitary? I usually throw in a tad of bleach with each load of my storebought dishcloths, but it seems that would wreck these. Do they stay smelling clean and not stained for very long?

Gloria said...

I use vinegar to keep things smelling fresh and clean. Try putting Simple Green in the wash with the vinegar and detergent to keep the stains down.

bean said...

Just wanted to say that we have a flood of these being made in our church right now. :) Everyone loves them. My 7 year old is casting on her first one now. Thanks for the pattern!

mmkcahill said...

Love, Love, Love this pattern. I've made at least a half dozen since I found your post. Fave so far is one w/Lily's Sugar and Cream "Faded Denim" and "Bring Navy". It almost looks plaid-ish. Thank you for posting this. It has quickly become my go-to dishcloth pattern.

Kaye said...

Those are too cool. Thank you.

I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.
Please check it out here.

Megan Morgan said...

This looks so beautiful and I want to try it. Since I am a beginner, it would be great to see a YouTube demo to show how to slip stitch, add color for each row. Not sure if you could post something. Thx.